If you are someone that exercises often, then you keep extra pairs of underwear in your drawer. You must have noticed that your typical underwear might not feel as comfortable when doing stuff like weights or cardio than it does on a normal day. This is because these pairs are probably not designed for such tasks. Your everyday underwear is made of cotton, which is highly absorbent when it comes to sweat. It becomes sticky during a workout and may cause you hindrance and discomfort. Also, it’s not stretchy enough to handle your workout routine and may cause tightness and a loss of flexibility. But worry not! We've got you covered in this blog.

Here we present you some thoroughly tested advice about what to wear and what not to wear, straight from the fitness experts.


Boxers are extremely loose, these are the loosest of all underwear. Due to this, they may seem very comfortable in baggy pants. You feel comfortable while relaxing on a seat when having poor support for the genitals. It won't be wrong to say that these are not so good for athletic purposes.


The most popular form of underwear among men is brief. These are small, compact and have a Y shaped fly. Just gripping down at the upper part of the thigh they may have good genital support but they are poor when it comes to flexibility. You will feel your thighs tighten as the boxers clench down on them strongly. Due to this, you need something that gives you a bit more freedom to move.


The boxer briefs are perfect in this case. They are the mix of a boxer and a brief and therefore contain the best of both worlds. While on one hand, you have the flexibility to move freely and on the other hand you also get firm genital support, so your package doesn’t get in the way of your workout or run.

So now you know what is the best form of underwear when it comes to anything related to exercise and athletic, but are we lacking something more? Now comes the case of fabric.


Fabric is extremely important when it comes to the type of work that you are going to be doing in that underwear. One fabric may not be the best for all cases. Similarly, most boxers you find in the market will be made of cotton, this is good for everyday wear but not for exercising for the reasons we already discussed above. You must buy something which is more breathable and retains its form and flexibility.

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