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      Importance of Quality Loungewear

      Importance of Quality Loungewear

      We all love to snug in our pajamas and night suits and want to spend the entire day in those.

      Particularly in the winters, we wish to stay in bed rather than come out and get dressed, but sadly, that just stays like a wish as we are supposed to get out of bed and start the day with work.

      However, Covid has made this situation that many people have been working from home, which means we can happily stay in bed and work in our favorite pajamas.

      Isn't it true, though, that most of us wear the same worn-out PJs with a mismatched shirt?

      Have you ever considered investing in your loungewear, especially since you wear it for most of the day?

      It is always great to treat yourself to some new comfy loungewear set to start your day. When every day is a hard day, why not make it a little better while feeling fresh with the new loungewear set.

      We understand that getting comfortable in every different cloth and fabric is not easy. Keeping that in mind, we have manufactured our loungewear collection with the softest premium fabric to easily spend the day in the same loungewear and sleep peacefully at night.


      Never compromise on the quality, always buy genuine products when it comes to loungewear as,

       Comfort is the key.

      Always check the fabric of  your PJs or loungewear  before purchasing it. We do not recommend purchasing cheaply fitted and low-quality fabric pajamas or loungewear that doesn't last long. The premium Loungewear For Men is constructed with high-quality fabrics such as soft jersey and pure cotton to let your skin breathe and feel lighter on your body while providing optimal comfort. So whatever activity you choose to undertake for the day, whether it's working from home, watching your favorite TV show, taking a walk in the garden, or cooking in the kitchen, nothing will get in your way when you're wearing the right pair of shorts or the feather-soft pajamas.


      Why invest in our loungewear?                               

      We ensure you the quality of  our loungewear as we have daintily followed  the process of making our loungewear and invested our time and thoughts so that every guy may feel comfortable anywhere and anytime. 

      Our fabric is purely blended to be incredibly soft, and it is used in all  of our loungewear products, including, Jersey Shorts , Pajamas, and Nightsuits.

      You may wash our items numerous times, and they will still appear new and fresh, ready to wear.       

      Trust us, it's a long-term investment!





      The Best Workout Underwear for Men

      The Best Workout Underwear for Men | MENDEEZ
      If you are someone that exercises often, then you keep extra pairs of underwear in your drawer. You must have noticed however that your typical underwear might not feel as comfortable when doing stuff like weights or cardio than it does on a normal day. Here we present you some thoroughly tested advice about what to wear and what not to, straight from the fitness experts.

      Read more

      Some important underwear tips every man needs to follow

      Some important underwear tips every man needs to follow | MENDEEZ

      When would it be a good idea for you to purchase new underwear? How would you wash your underwear appropriately? We're certain, you have these and numerous different questions regarding your underwear in your mind. Mendeez is one of Pakistan's leading men's undergarments brand that has got a great variety of men's underwear, vests and socks online. 

      In this blog, we have given some clear instructions as to how clear some of your queries. Follow the tips for ensuring ideal cleanliness and keeping your underwear perfect and clean. 


      When should men purchase new underwear? 

      Men frequently don't purchase underwear until the old pair has holes or in it or becomes way too rough and dull but some men don't get it at that point. Notwithstanding, specialists state that you ought to supersede your underwear after 25 washes with new underwear straight away because the clothing material starts to lose its moisture-wicking properties and winds up unhygienic to utilize. 

      Must decide which type of underwear you should buy. Boxers, briefs or trunks- what would it be a good idea for you to wear?


      How significant is the size and cut of the underwear? 

      Size is without a doubt a significant factor, and one should purchase whichever size is agreeable. However, this isn't a deciding moment. Any great underwear has a 20 to 30 percent stretchability edge and at some random point, two sizes should fit you. The cut, nonetheless, is significant for men as it characterizes the ease and comfort you will feel. Most grown-up men, particularly hairy men, ought to favor trunks over different cuts like briefs and trunks give you additional support and coverage. Additionally, wearing briefs under formal pants will appear from behind, trust us. Therefore, it's better to wear the trunk as it is not revealing.


      Boxers or briefs or trunks? What should men buy? 

      A ton of men make this mistake and use boxers as a substitution for trunks. This is a great mistake. Boxers aren't intended for an entire day use. Boxers have an extra loosened up fit and ought to be worn for 10 hours max, ideally (and just) while dozing or relaxing. While briefs are traditional underwear, small and give a snuggly fitting. The only difference between Boxers and briefs is that of cut and width of the legs.

      Note: Don't wear only boxers to the gym or during the workout and don't wear boxers over other underwear. 


      What material should men search for while purchasing underwear? 

      In spite of the fact that the Pakistani market doesn't offer a great deal of choice concerning materials, searching for underwear with an Elastane material of 8 to 10% ought to work. Some underwear probably won't contain Elastane, in this way, avoid those brands.


      Some great washing tips for maintaining underwear's quality? 

      Every time wash your underwear in warm water with mellow/mild detergent and after that tumble dry if the choice exists. In the event that, that choice doesn't exist, you can leave your underwear flat to dry in a dry open space. Don't, in any case, leave it to dry straightforwardly under the sun as it might hurt the texture of your underwear and don't press your underwear. It would likewise be a smart thought to wash underwear separately, don't mix with other clothes. 

      Underwear hygiene tips to keep in mind?

      • Try not to use underwear more than once without washing. 
      • Don't sleep in the underwear you wore the whole day. The moisture trapped in it can cause infection and other issues. 
      • Always keep your underwear in a spotless and dry space and not confined in a small drawer or box.

      Checkout Mendeez for high-quality men undergarments online and buy men's underwear at affordable prices.

      Summer Beach Outfit Ideas For Men

      Summer Beach Outfit Ideas For Men | MENDEEZ

      Summer is a good time for relaxing and loosening up yourself. And rushing to the beach is a great excuse to relax. Summer is all about the beach and colourful outfits. But to look attractive and smart you don't have to get carried away with more. Focus on doing more with less. Wear outfits that are flexible, comfortable and suit your style.

      Here are the few summer beach outfit ideas that any man can rock effortlessly. Here it begins:

      Vest with Shorts

      Nothing beats vest paired with the shorts as a beach party outfit. Fitted vest and slim fit swim shorts make a statement of their own and look super attractive. This outfit idea is casual and easy to carry yet looks smartly fashionable. Pair a light or neutral coloured vest with plain solid coloured shorts and flip-flops.

      Check out Mendeez for branded vests for men online. 


      If you are planning for a trip to the beach, swimwear is the most important outfit. A beach outfit is incomplete without a swimwear. Swimwears come in a variety of styles and patterns. Wearing a slim fit swimwear is a great way to flaunt your physique effortlessly. Since it is comfortable and stylish you can wear it all day long at a beach. It should be of quick-dry fabric and should end just a few inches above knees. Swimwear includes swim trunks, briefs or speedos, boxer briefs, and swim jammers.

      You can buy men undergarments at Mendeez.

      Shirt with Chinos

      Chino is a timeless classic and it pairs well with shirts as a beach outfit. A white or pale blue button-down shirt with beige chinos work really well. This is an ideal outfit choice for those who like minimal look. Also, chino shorts paired with polo t-shirt look elegant and smart at the same time. There are endless options to style oneself with chinos.

      Shirt with Bermuda

      Bermudas are apt for beach and super comfortable to move in. A plain t-shirt or a sleeveless shirt compliments bermuda shorts. These are knee-length shorts. Pair white or light shade bermuda with a plain or striped shirt. This outfit is casual and looks fashionable.

      T-shirt with Shorts

      Every guy has a t-shirt in his wardrobe and this specific clothing item is comfortable to carry and ideal for beachwear. Same summer is all about printed and colourful outfits, a t-shirt with colourful printed shorts is a chic combination. Make sure the fabric is breathable and suits your style. A cut slim shorts with a great print paired with a neutral colour t-shirt work wonders on a toned body.

      Hawaiian Shirt with Floral Shorts

      The Hawaiian shirt is a one great beach outfit. These are printed shirts with collars, buttons and short sleeves. Originating in Hawaii, Hawaiian shirts can be worn as an open shirt over a white basic tee or a vest or wear as an open shirt with bare chest. Hawaiian shirts will go well with floral shorts. This gives a playful sharp look. This beach outfit is super cool to pull off.


      Denim is a great beach outfit. Do think Denim can be a bit uncomfortable to wear in summers but thanks to brands that have released lightweight denim which is super easy to carry. Denim comes in a variety of styles and designs and can be incorporated into your outfit in different ways. Guys who like going shirtless but still want to look decent in public can wear denim shorts with open shirt, this beach outfit will give you an attractive casual look. 

      Another way to incorporate denim in your outfit is you can style a denim jacket with denim shorts. Dark blue rolled hem denim along with a white t-shirt or button-down shirt looks crazily attractive. Any lady will go bonkers over that look.


      If you love accessorizing and wondering what to wear to a beach, there are endless options you can go with. Eyewear is very important and looks classy. Complete your beach look with stylish eyewear that can be spectacles or sunglasses. Footwear choice is very important. Wear flip-flops or beach sandals that are stylish and comfortable to walk in. You can wear a classy chain around your neck. Headscarf or scarf around the neck might be a good idea too.