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Summer Beach Outfit Ideas For Men

Summer is a good time for relaxing and loosening up yourself. And rushing to the beach is a great excuse to relax. Summer is all about the beach and colourful outfits. But to look attractive and smart you don't have to get carried away with more. Focus on doing more with less. Wear outfits that are flexible, comfortable and suit your style.

Here are the few summer beach outfit ideas that any man can rock effortlessly. Here it begins:

Vest with Shorts

Nothing beats vest paired with the shorts as a beach party outfit. Fitted vest and slim fit swim shorts make a statement of their own and look super attractive. This outfit idea is casual and easy to carry yet looks smartly fashionable. Pair a light or neutral coloured vest with plain solid coloured shorts and flip-flops.

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If you are planning for a trip to the beach, swimwear is the most important outfit. A beach outfit is incomplete without a swimwear. Swimwears come in a variety of styles and patterns. Wearing a slim fit swimwear is a great way to flaunt your physique effortlessly. Since it is comfortable and stylish you can wear it all day long at a beach. It should be of quick-dry fabric and should end just a few inches above knees. Swimwear includes swim trunks, briefs or speedos, boxer briefs, and swim jammers.

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Shirt with Chinos

Chino is a timeless classic and it pairs well with shirts as a beach outfit. A white or pale blue button-down shirt with beige chinos work really well. This is an ideal outfit choice for those who like minimal look. Also, chino shorts paired with polo t-shirt look elegant and smart at the same time. There are endless options to style oneself with chinos.

Shirt with Bermuda

Bermudas are apt for beach and super comfortable to move in. A plain t-shirt or a sleeveless shirt compliments bermuda shorts. These are knee-length shorts. Pair white or light shade bermuda with a plain or striped shirt. This outfit is casual and looks fashionable.

T-shirt with Shorts

Every guy has a t-shirt in his wardrobe and this specific clothing item is comfortable to carry and ideal for beachwear. Same summer is all about printed and colourful outfits, a t-shirt with colourful printed shorts is a chic combination. Make sure the fabric is breathable and suits your style. A cut slim shorts with a great print paired with a neutral colour t-shirt work wonders on a toned body.

Hawaiian Shirt with Floral Shorts

The Hawaiian shirt is a one great beach outfit. These are printed shirts with collars, buttons and short sleeves. Originating in Hawaii, Hawaiian shirts can be worn as an open shirt over a white basic tee or a vest or wear as an open shirt with bare chest. Hawaiian shirts will go well with floral shorts. This gives a playful sharp look. This beach outfit is super cool to pull off.


Denim is a great beach outfit. Do think Denim can be a bit uncomfortable to wear in summers but thanks to brands that have released lightweight denim which is super easy to carry. Denim comes in a variety of styles and designs and can be incorporated into your outfit in different ways. Guys who like going shirtless but still want to look decent in public can wear denim shorts with open shirt, this beach outfit will give you an attractive casual look. 

Another way to incorporate denim in your outfit is you can style a denim jacket with denim shorts. Dark blue rolled hem denim along with a white t-shirt or button-down shirt looks crazily attractive. Any lady will go bonkers over that look.


If you love accessorizing and wondering what to wear to a beach, there are endless options you can go with. Eyewear is very important and looks classy. Complete your beach look with stylish eyewear that can be spectacles or sunglasses. Footwear choice is very important. Wear flip-flops or beach sandals that are stylish and comfortable to walk in. You can wear a classy chain around your neck. Headscarf or scarf around the neck might be a good idea too.

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9 Important Things to Pack in Your Travel Backpack - Mendeez PK

9 Important Things to Pack in Your Travel Backpack

Travelling is like magic. Gaining experiences, making and capturing memories and one place at once, is the best approach. Regardless of whether you lean toward travelling solo, taking trips with sweethearts or significant others, going on family vacays, or ticking off spots on your wishlist, we as a whole realize plans collapse without proactive planning and proper travel agencies. Mark these words! 

If you love travelling and travel is at the forefront of your thoughts, you really need to read this post. Got a trip coming up? How about we chalk out a certain packing checklist that will enable you to pack easily for any place you are going straight away.


  • Passport and Travel Documents 

The most important thing is to pack your passport and other travel documents for an international trip. Don't forget to pack your identity card, credit and debit cards, cash converted into the currency of the destination you are travelling to, medical and travel insurance and other necessary travel documents to declare at the port of entry. Keep these safe!! Losing any of these can get you into big trouble.


  • Clothes To Pack 

Do research about the weather and environment of the place you are planning to travel to. Whatever the season is, be it winter or summer, pack your clothes accordingly. Packing clothes usually takes most of the time and roughly more than half of your bag and it's better to keep fewer clothes so, it doesn't use much space of your bag. Pack the clothes that you are comfortable in, are easy to wash, dry quickly and need no maintenance. 

Pack your shorts, t-shirts, track pants, trousers, jeans, jacket and few mix-and-match going out outfits. Don't forget to keep one or two extra undergarments and a pair of socks. Most importantly keep a carrier bag for your dirty laundry.

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  • Travel Shoes

Since you are travelling, you are walking by yourself which implies that you need comfortable shoes to walk in. Don't get too carried away hair. Pack according to your plan. If you are planning a beach vacation then keep flip flops or beach sandals with you. 

If you have a fancy dinner or party planned ahead then carry a pair of formal or party footwear like black heels or nude platforms. Pack trainer shoes or walking or hiking shoes if you are going hiking, camping or a mountainous place. And, always keep closed shoes like white or black converse in general.


  • Toiletries

The most important thing, toiletries if handled well then you are sorted. Never pick the bottle sizes and liquid stuff always go for a travel size of the products and solid ones. 

Pack your essentials like toothpaste, toothbrush, razor, earbuds, body lotion, sunblock, deodorant, perfume, face wash, shower gel or bar soap, shampoo and conditioner, nail clippers, wet wipes toilet paper, hairbrush and hair styling tools like elastics, hair spray and bobby pins.

  • Electronics 

Carry the stuff that's essential. If you are planning to work while travelling, only then carry a laptop otherwise drop it. Don't forget the charger for your cell phone and camera. Pack a universal plug adaptor and also electrical converter for voltage converter for your chargers and hairstyling iron. And don't forget to pack a memory card, power bank, USB sticks and chords.

  • Medicines and First Aid

If you are on any medication then don't forget to carry them along with you. Don't forget to carry general medical prescription like pain killers, wound cream, pain relief sprays, allergy medication, fever and sore throat medication, motion sickness pills and for diarrhoea and upset stomach.

Pack first aid like band-aids, adhesive bandages, mosquito and insect repellent, sanitizer, burn ointment and cotton balls.

  • Travel Gear

Check and study the weather and pack the travel gear accordingly. Pack camera bag, comfortable carry on luggage bag, a side body bag, water bottles, thermal flask and cup, sleeping bag liner, portable power pack and charger, cable lock, notebook, microfiber towel raincoats, torchlight, lighter, tissue packs and sanitary pads.

Pack travel pants, socks, shoes, gloves, jackets or parkas and crocs.

  • Accessories and Makeup

Accessories and makeup are important to transform your any outfit. Smart dressing is important to look cool and fashionable on your trip. Pack your scarves, hats or caps, shrugs, sweaters, cape shawl, belt or any other layer you can add to pull off your look.

Pack accessories like earrings, finger rings, necklace, side bags, sunglasses and contact lenses (if you wear any). If you are carrying a contact lens then pack lens solution as well.

Avoid packing runny liquid makeup. Go for solid ones. Pack makeup removing wipes or pads, lip balm and other makeup stuff of your preference.

  • Trip Itinerary/Travel Guide Read

Remember to pack trip itinerary or travel guide read so you don't get lost. It helps in scheduling and exploring the place. Make a list of phone numbers, hotel names and trains and bus stations and their routes and timings and keep a map with you. Finalize the checklist with everything that might come handy during your trip.

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Importance of clean underwear  - Mendeez PK

Importance of clean underwear 

Undergarments are a crucial part of your clothing, they may not be visible but play a more significant part in both your health and personal hygiene. Since childhood, we have been taught to wear clean underwear every day. In childhood this was easy, but with the busy workload of adult life chores like laundry have become harder to attend to and a lot of times we slack off and repeat. This can prove to be harmful in the long run. We give you 5 reasons you should wear new underwear every day.

Basic Hygiene:

Personal hygiene is one of the most paramount characteristics you need to have in life. Every little portion of it counts, whether it is brushing your teeth, taking baths or cutting off your nails. Wearing fresh underwear is also a part of your hygiene. It liberates you from bacteria that can cause health concerns if left for long.

Disease Prevention:

Underwear helps to absorb your sweat and keep you dry. But not changing them for a few days can cause sweat to accumulate on the underwear and bacteria thrive in such situations. The effects start from the developing body odor that others will begin to notice. If totally ignored one can develop diseases such as yeast infection and urinary tract infection in women. Wearing clean underwear ensures such a situation does not occur.

Rashes and Itching Prevention:

The biggest hurdle you’ll face would be resisting to scratch yourself after you’ve worn the same underwear for some time. The first sign to show that you need some changing, the itching is a bane to your peace. Imagine the embarrassment of finally giving in and scratching yourself in your private parts like a madman in front of your coworkers. You definitely don’t want that to happen now, do you? And even if you think you can resist this wave, there’s a lot of rashes where that came from. These blisters are going to make life even harder for you, it is best that you don’t learn that the hard way.

 Comfort and Ease:

It is no doubt you know the supple feeling of taking a warm bath, soaking yourself in the soothing water and washing all the dirt and impurities off your skin. Perhaps what is even more satisfying is the feeling of fresh clothes on your skin. They feel like completely different clothes! And no doubt your underwear feels the same once you get in a new one. Not keeping yourself clean can cause a lot of problems between you and a significant other too. Your own intimate life with them will be negatively affected, and you risk spreading infections to them if you don’t make some changes yourself.


While you may not feel it, your mood and your confidence are affected by how you dress up. Imagine wearing a well fitted Armani suit to the next formal event, just the thought of it pulls your confidence up. The same way your self-confidence can be brought down by wearing dirty and smelly clothes. You don’t want to go to the next social event and giving off a foul scent when you interact with people do you now?.  

Wearing undergarments serves way more purposes than just keeping you dry and clean, and it would be best if one would follow through with wearing them instead of just going commando.

We hope you have liked this blog and found it informative. Stay tuned for more interesting blog posts.