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Mens Cotton Hip Briefs & Underwear in Pakistan at Best Prices

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An underwear is that part of our daily wear which is only seen by us but still if the size, color or shape is not appropriate then it has the potential to make you uncomfortable all day long. Men’s cotton hip brief is one of the most desired undergarments for every man. The new generation might find it little old school but the truth is that the majority of the male population still loves to wear hip brief daily.

The shape and fits of this one pair are so comfy that it suits all body shape and types. The neutrals are always up in the game not only in case of underwear but also in three-piece suits and other wardrobe essentials for men. So is the case in men’s undergarments, we have men’s cotton hip brief in various amazing colors but the most sellable ones are white and black.

Why to Choose Mendeez Cotton Hip Briefs?

Our cotton hip briefs are crafted with care to keep you comfortable and dry all day every day. Whether you are an office goer or a gym freak, our men’s cotton hip briefs are perfect for you to perform your daily task more diligently without getting any kind of irritation or jock itch. It has an elastic waistband with Mendeez signature. The fabric is soft and washable which makes it easier to wear daily for your comfort.

100% Cotton Fabric

The fabric for this stylish cotton hip brief is 100% combed cotton material which can be easily washed with hands as well as with machine as per your convenience. If you are looking to revamp your wardrobe with some cool as lit color cotton hip briefs than our Pack of 3 (Black, white and olive green) are the best bet for you. You can shuffle this color daily and make it a fun part of your wardrobe. You can fancy trying our pack of 3 white cotton hip briefs if you love simplicity and neutrals. The white is the all-time favorite of everyone and it gives a feeling of serenity that everyone needs nowadays in their busy life.

Feel Delighted with Ease

Also, some men are generally of a composed nature and have a calm attitude in their day to day life. When they wear white cotton hip brief underwear, it keeps them happy and composed throughout the day. The calmness offered by the color is all about toning down your temperature because when the hottest part of your body is cool, you would be calmer on the overall personality.

Economical Packs Available

We have economical packs available for men; our pack of 3 black briefs has both negative and positive impact as it is comparatively a safe color. You will get this back very affordable with respect to price.

Men who wear black underwear demonstrate power and elegance, mystery and aggression. It’s all in how you wear it. The black hip brief is particularly fascinating and powerful, suggesting deep passions. If you like being prepared for anything special that may come your way, black is the color for you, because if nothing comes up, it wasn't a waste of anything too special. So don’t miss out on this chance and buy our pack of 3 black cotton hip briefs from Mendeez, you badly need it with your new wardrobe!