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Buy Mens Crew Socks Online in Pakistan at Best Prices

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Whether it's hiking up a hill or strolling around in town, all these adventurous tasks are incomplete without a soft and cozy pair of socks that keep your feet comfortable whatever you're doing. They're as important as any other accessory of your wardrobe and you may not always think too much about it but sometimes you may need to. So when buying a sock you need to consider your needs, your budget and what socks go with what shoe. Mendeez men socks bring you the best in comfort and style. It’s the perfect accessory for guys or boys to keep feet comfortable, clean and looking fresh.

Update Your Socks Drawer

If your one of those dudes who’s drawer is filled with boring white socks and few ankle socks here and there, then you need to upgrade your sock drawer with super cool new styles of socks. Socks are one of these few areas in men’s daily wear where it is perfectly acceptable to go crazy with them. There is a great opportunity for you to show off your personality and they are great conversation starters.

Good to Go With Colors

So the goal here is just to have fun with them. So there is one rule to follow with your socks and that is to never own a white crew sock ever. The color full crew socks are the replacement of white socks, you can go crazy with them but do you have black, grey and navy blue in your socks drawer. Just in case you have an event that calls for you to be a little bit more conservative. You can use this one type of socks for all of your outfits. So that includes your casual outfits, like jeans and sneakers and with your suits and dress shoes. Just be careful not to get thicker wool socks because it only looks good and should only be worn with casual outfits. On the flip side of that don’t get something on the thinner soaker side because then you could only wear that with dress shoes and suits.

As per how many crew socks you should own? Well! That’s only up to you but as our crew socks are for daily wear. We recommend you to get enough until you cover your laundry day. If you want to match your crew socks with your outfit then the best thing to do is to take a color in your socks and match it to the similar shade of an item in your outfit. So, whether that is your shoes, your jacket, your accessories like your tie that’s how you do it. If you want to be a sticking layer between matching socks with your outfit then you need to realize this is the one area where one should not worry about matching. Go for patterns, show off your personality and weirdly have some fun having some bright crazy socks with your outfit.

You can replace your socks when they are thin and the heel and toes are faded or stretched out then definitely replace them. If they are severely pilled which you know little balls that the socks get that creates a lot of friction in certain areas. If there is a lot of pilling then that doesn’t mean they are going to be tossed out with a fresh pair of socks.

Best to Get Crew Socks from Mendeez

The best socks you should own is the Mendeez pattern crew socks. They are super soft and comfortable. They are one of the most durable socks that you will ever encounter in Pakistan.  Another great thing about these socks is that they offer a return and exchange if the product is damaged or defected at the time of delivery. As per material, it is constructed with a cotton blend (85% cotton and 15% man-made fabric) which is a great choice for daily wear. So shop the best socks in an affordable range from Mendeez! Do check our Pack of 7 Socks; this is actually designed for your week days selection on each day for all 7 days.