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Buy No Show Socks in Pakistan at Best Prices from Mendeez

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The weather is warm and that means it’s the right time to reassess your sock strategy. To begin with, let's discuss when and where men should wear Mendeez no-show socks? A man can wear our no-show socks at any inappropriate times such as during brunch, gym, lazy day lounging or fancy date night with your dream girl.

When to Wear No Show Socks!

Our No-Show Socks give you all the secret pleasure of not showing your socks, but they’re made with silicone gel grips that allow for no sagging or slipping. Wear and wash as much as you want and they’ll stay soft and pill-free thanks to our stretchy fabric. Weather-wise it should be warm and sunny as they are light as a feather and almost invisible. The no-show socks mostly look great with sneakers, loafers, dress shoes, and boat shoes. You can wear them with the stylish chinos with cuff hem rolled up showing a few of your ankles. Also, you can wear them with your oh-so-amazing ripped jeans and classy casual shorts.

Please note, you can wear no show socks with any kind of pants if only your ankles are not going to be covered. If your pants are hemmed with no break then obviously when you walk, you will be flashing a few of your ankles and when you are sitting down your ankles will also show up, for that you can wear no show socks. If you have a slight or a full break in your pants whether its suit pants or chinos. Please don’t wear no-show socks. It will end up looking weird like its laundry day and you ran out of socks.

So the main things are that you have to be more intentional when you are choosing to wear no-show socks. By the way, suits also look great but you have to make sure that pants are hemmed with no break and even slightly shorter to get the modern and minimal look. In short, if you are standing or walking and your ankles are showing up at some capacity that’s when you should be using no-show socks.

Grand Collections at Mendeez

We discussed thoroughly when and where men should wear no show socks but do you know from where to purchase the best no-show socks in Pakistan? Worry not! We have the best place for you i.e. Mendeez. A Mendeez man’s no show socks are made with ultra-soft 80 % Premium Cotton 18% Polyester 2% Spandex. These socks have a durable cushioned sole perfect for everyday wear or moderate athletic activity. For a basic, everyday sock at an exceptional price-per-pair value, you can't beat Mendeez in Pakistan.

Please be vigilant while washing our super-soft no show socks. You can go for machines wash with the cold water but a hand wash is better. Please use only non-chlorine bleaches when needed to clear out dirt stains. You can tumble dry medium. We recommend you to dry in sunlight only. It is available only in Pack of 3 so you can wear different colors every day. Try them now for an effortless European look!