Underwear is a significant part of the wardrobe. Not just in the functional sense of keeping you comfortable and secure but also it protects you from an embarrassing incident. They can also be a form of self-expression when it comes to the bedroom. Today, let's look at what the best underwear choices could be when it comes to the zodiac signs.


Aries men are known for being one with aggression and boldness, both in everyday life as well as sexually. They are extremely dominant, they can't take no for an answer. To keep that gym chiseled alpha male feeling strong, the bikini brief is best for Aries men.


Taurus men are both subtle, yet extremely seductive. It is one of the most attractive signs of the zodiac, as they are all about indulging your senses into the scene. They are extremely cautious to look their best even without going too overboard. The low rise briefs suit them well.


The famous dual personality of the Zodiac and unarguably the naughtiest as well. Gemini men are playful and bold about their moves. While one personality may ponder on the finer things in life the other definitely want to enjoy no holds barred sexual encounters. The Jockstrap is a wonderful choice to display your freakish side.


No one understands deep-seated emotions better than Cancer does. These men are all about emotionally intimate and caring enough to go the extra mile when it comes down to please their significant other. Trunks are perfect for them when it comes to cuddling or just watching television with a special person.


If there is someone in the Zodiac that craves the spotlight, it’s the Leo. They will leave no opportunity to express just how dominant they are, and how much they love attention. They definitely want to dazzle their significant other and can do it best with the Mankini.


Virgos are all about their precision and their craving for fine details. You want something that compliments your functional needs and all the little specks that people fail to notice. No underwear comes more functional than the compression briefs.


Libras are ruled over by Venus, the Goddess of love. It should come to as no surprise that they are obsessed with beauty and delicacy as well. A Tanga provides them with the extremely sensual looks they want to keep their partner in awe.


They have sexuality ingrained deep into their core, more than any sign in the zodiac. Deep down you have some extremely vivid sensual desires that you want to enjoy as much as your partner does. The G string would help with the ultimate form of expression of those desires for you.


Sagittarius never back down when it comes to self-expression, not even when someone doesn’t like it. Both skilled and tactful, a Mesh underwear is likely to catch your eye.


Capricorns are the most down to earth people you’ll meet. Extremely practical and composed and always want something that is both reasonable and pulls off the job well. Fashion isn’t a huge priority for them. They would find themselves comfortable in high rise briefs.


Aquarius really do have different thinking. These fellows are very peculiar in nature and not necessarily in a bad way. You still want the touch of your uniqueness to be felt where ever you go, and you don’t want to be immodest. Long johns just make it all right for you.


Pisces share the emotional and sensitive trait of their Cancer fellow. They believe in being traditional and orthodox. You find your comfort in following the age-old ways. For a man that loves all things classic what more to look for than boxers?

So this was all about best underwear choices according to the Zodiac signs. We hope you have liked this blog and find it informative and interesting. Just don't forget to give us your feedback in the comment section below and stay tuned to more blogs.