If you don’t know what you’re looking for, you will end up confused. There are currently many kinds of underwear found in the market, from the traditional briefs to some peculiar items like thongs. Some of the most popular items in men’s undergarments also include boxer briefs, boxers, and trunks. Our personal recommendation would be the boxer briefs. They provide you with the right amount of support and work with almost every style of pants.

Types of material:

Fabric is very important to consider for ease in different kind of activities. Cotton is an easy choice; it is soft, mildly breathable and inexpensive. However it is highly absorbent, you don’t want to wear these if you’re going to the gym. Nylon is a great choice for more athletic purposes; it keeps you dry thanks to its breathability.

How to avoid a jock itch?

Ah, the million-dollar question for men. Moisture collection and tightness of the groin are the major contributors to this bane.  As scary as this situation sounds the solutions are quite simple, avoid wearing extremely tight underwear, keep yourself dry (choose the right fabric) and wash your undergarments frequently.

Choosing the right color schemes:

Color can become very important once you understand that the underwear shows if your color combinations are off. For instance, avoid wearing white underwear under fine black dress pants. You might want to buy a few basic colors such as black, white and gray for overall use.

Keeping your underwear clean:

If you want to keep your personal hygiene always on par, we recommend you chuck them in the washing machine after one use, instead of when they get dirty. You definitely don’t want all the accumulated sweat to make you itchy beyond help.  

How often should you dispose of your underwear?

Most men keep on using their briefs until they have numerous holes in them, and some don’t even stop after that. This is not a good practice. As a rule of thumb, you should dispose of your underwear after a year of use. You should also get rid of them if the elastic has loosened because this will cause you to discomfort in the fitting.

Size and fitting for various types of pants:

Unless you want your boxer showing through your pants, you might want to think about the right underwear + pant combination. Briefs are perfect to wear with tight pants, they will save you from showing the untidy outline boxers would show. And if you’re going to wear regular to baggy fit pants, boxers all the way.

How many pairs of underwear are recommended?

If you are busy person chances are you don’t do the laundry often. To keep you from wearing yesterdays used boxer, we recommend at least 10-12 pairs. Trust us, this way you’ll save yourself a lot of trouble

What to look for when buying new underwear?        

Whenever you go shopping for the next pair, don’t just buy whatever looks appealing. You want to look for comfort first, you’ll be wearing these things all day, make sure they keep you relaxed. The right-sizing is crucial, too tight and you’ll constrict blood flow, too loose and you’ll be irritated with the creases forming all the time.

Will you ever wear pants without underwear?

You might have just thought ‘Whaaat??” but this is for the men that still aren’t into the habit. You’ll be doing yourself a favor by wearing undergarments. They keep your private parts safe from the rough fabric and occasionally the zipper, ouch!!. Also, you’ll avoid dirtying your pants, it’s better to wash a small piece of cloth than pant five times larger. 

It is amazing how a few guidelines and basic tips can make a lot of difference. You have by now learned a good deal about handling situations when it comes to your undergarments. Go try them for yourself and see the difference.