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Have you ever worn a boxer a few days in a row without washing? We wouldn’t believe you if you say no. The only person who has never gone through life without reusing yesterday’s old undergarments is the perfect person, and we all know perfect people don’t’ exist. If you have done this before its not really something to be embarrassed about, this is a common practice amongst many people, albeit not a very healthy one. Be warned that you are in some dangerous territory if you keep this practice up for longer.

You will get extremely itchy:

That’s a no brainer really, and this is the first of the symptoms. Every portion of the skin that is exposed to the same old cloth is bound to get itchy. Unwashed briefs can really make you go crazy from scratching yourself all day. The reason this happens is bacteria build-up. Bacteria thrive in moisture-rich conditions, such as your sweaty old underwear. While not very serious in terms of health, itchy genitals can lead to embarrassment especially if you are forced to scratch your intimate parts in front of other people. Not to mention that the gross body odor that will haunt everyone around you.

You will get Acne and Pimples

We don’t think we need to tell you much about acne unless you’re really lucky chances are you’ve had it before and hate it. Pimples don’t only break out on your face, they can also build up in areas of skin that are not being cleaned so frequently. Your genital skin is very sensitive and needs to be cleaned of dirt and oil every now and then if you want to stay away from problems.

You will Develop Rashes

After the prolonged itchiness, the rashes start to develop. Your boxers have by now become so worn out that they begin to graze your skin. This will lead to some real redness and soreness. The reason this happens is that bacteria build-up has exponentially accelerated by now and they are definitely not going to leave you alone. A heat rash is a common result of this. Red, extremely itchy, uncomfortable and the herald of more problems to come. While thankfully this too is treatable and not serious you might want to make sure you never get to this point in the first place. Prevention is indeed better than cure.

You will get a Yeast Infection

Do you sweat a lot? If you do, this situation may be much closer than you think. Women aren’t the only ones who are prone to yeast infection, men get them too. With the sweat sitting in your briefs since a few days you have set up the perfect conditions for bacteria to flourish. If the fabric of your undergarments is not made of cotton, you risk more chances of an infection. Nylon traps a lot of heat and this will only add to your issues here. Some symptoms of this will include burning sensation while peeing, white-colored sores and extreme an amount of itchiness.