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The hottest time of the year is here. The crazy month of heat and exhaustion. And, the longest holidays ever! The summer heat can be really very cruel and bring along a lot of problems with itself. The summers should be all about fun, games and never-ending pool parties. Night out with friends and sneaking out with the partners to the beach to enjoy the breeze.


But instead, the heat and sweat ruin it all for a normal person who can’t stand hot and humid weather. How uncool and super annoying does it sound now? Yeah, thought so! To enjoy the summer to its fullest, you can do a few things to beat this crazy summer heat. This blog is going to change your life *not literally though* so read till the end.


5 Hacks To Beat The Heat and Stay Cool:


Follow the following tips and tricks to not the heat affect you this year!


  1. Freeze The Hot Water Bag:


Sounds weird? It is one of the best hacks that you can ever learn! Long gone are the days when hot bottles were only used for curing body aches. These days even the smallest of thing has multi-purposes or they are considered almost useless. Hot water bags can be used as a cooling pad too. Just fill it up with water and keep it your freezer overnight. Go out in the sun or to the beach, you will be surprised at how long the bottle stays chilled af and beats the heat right in the gut!


  1. Invest In Light Garments:


It would be an understatement to say that garments do not make a difference. The light breezy fabric which is breathable is all you need to get going in this ferocious weather. Invest in good light clothes and undergarments. Buy mens vest online from the Mendeez, they have the best men underwear online in Pakistan. The breathable material allows the skin around your intimate area to stay fresh and not sweat or stink. You do not want that during this heat because the itchy fabric can cause a bad rash which means an entire weak of pain and no fun at all that too during the longest holidays of the year.


  1. Drink Till You Feel Like Puking:


Well, not literally. No. Don’t do that! But, yes drinking water keeps your entire body hydrated and leaves you feeling fresh and active no matter what you do or wherever you go. It would be good to invest in a flask water bottle which keeps the water cold longer than the normal water bottles. Make sure you have your bottle with you everywhere you go and take a sip every few minutes even if you do not feel thirsty.


  1. Wet Sheet Is All You Need:


Power cut-down in your area? No worries. To sleep comfortably without sweating and feeling nice and cold just sleep on the wet sheets! Dip a clean bedsheet into the water and let the water drain. Spread it on your bed and sleep! The air will keep the water molecules in your sheet cold and hence you will sleep in peace. The best hack there is that was followed by our ancestors, literally!


  1. Wash your Feet:


If there’s one thing that we all know is that your feet catch a cold really quickly. Everyone has experienced cold feet in winters. So, the theory is that feet feel the temperature before resting of the body. If it's too warm, you take off your shoes and BAM your feet feel better right away and instantly your entire body too. So, washing your feet with cold water every couple of hours is not a bad idea. Will keep your feet clean and will leave you feeling fresh all day.


Follow these hacks and enjoy the summer! Do not forget to shop from Mendeez.

July 24, 2019 — Aimhike Agency
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