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Almost everyone gets to spend that day when all we do is take time for ourselves and relax. Off days are not always unproductive, but days like this should be prioritized more often. Not everyone can work like a robot every day. But, there is a day to take time and feel free, a time to get out of the hustle, and breath and let go of all the uncertainties.

A relaxed lazy day is all that we want after passing and getting over the long tiring week passed in work or academic stress. When the time one is could relax? Do we take time out for ourselves? It is essential to look for ourselves and maintain a healthy lifestyle, and for that, a day off and spending a day in bed being lazy is perfect for re-energizing. Do we consider taking a day off and being in bed or just staying home and stay to do absolutely nothing? Surely not, as we are too occupied with other activities that we don’t think of staying free. If we are not going to work, we have other engagements that keep us too busy to think about ourselves.

Well, staying free has its perks too. You won’t feel it unless you don’t experience it.

Feeling free at home doesn’t only count as not performing any activities, but it matters how you stay free with what you are wearing. Your wearing is the primary key to being in ultimate comfort. Comfort is chosen by us when we make an effort to take some time out for ourselves and look upon ourselves.

Wearing an extremely softest and coziest loungewear can give you all the comfort you need on your day off. Let’s call it a lazy day.


  1. The first outfit you can choose to go with is Night Suit

Night Suits are the purest form of comfort that one can dive into on their day off. Night Suits are just made for nights is an old statement because we all know how many comfort levels they provide. So spend your entire day wearing the feather-soft night suit and let your body strain the stress.


  1. Wear the snuggly pajamas with a T-shirt

Pajamas are too good to be a part of your comfort zone. Pajamas that are made with refined cotton, leave your body at ease. That, too, depends on the fabric of the pajamas and the feel it provides.

Spare any day off for a lazy day because you deserve it!

April 12, 2022 — Briskuit