Do you wear your footwear to be indulged in comfort or to accentuate your outfit and wear the luxury-looking sandals with extreme discomfort? It is either of the sides that you choose to be in. If looks are too important, one usually prefers to choose looks over comfort, where we begin torturing our feet.


Our Feet have entirely a different role to play; from carrying us to making us able to walk, it does everything to provide support. Our feet are linked with all the organs of our body. The entire organs and our body parts are connected from our feet, and every single point of our feet directs it to one of the specific parts. Thus, uncomfortable footwear starts to cause damage to our bodies. Moreover, if you tend to stay outside for a more extended period, you need to wear something more comfortable and trendy to kill two birds from one stone. 

Slides are a great option for footwear, here is why...


Trendy Casual looking Footwear: Aren’t slides the most trendy, and doesn’t it look super modish? Slides can be your perfect footwear, no matter what style you choose. Slides always look good and also provide a very casual look. For example, wearing a T-shirt, tank tops with shorts or pants with slides looks cool and easy-going casual. 

      The Footbed

        came into the fashion line because of the comfort they provided, and later, they became the symbol of fashion. It didn’t take much time for it to become known and acknowledged. The anatomy of slides is crafted so that it will let your feet feel the ease while you move. The footbed of our slides will give you a cushiony feel, and the thick strap is enough to provide a grip with its smooth velvety touch. These also offer healing support means you can walk in them for a prolonged period. In addition, the ribbed sole allows more excellent traction of the floor, which provides more stability. 


          Can be your travel buddy: No matter wherever you go, slides are there to accompany you. It can be your travel buddy as they are as tough as you and get over all the obstacles. These are meticulously crafted just to make sure they stay reliable and durable with you for a long time. While traveling, you tend to get tired often because of the hours spent moving here and there, for that it is necessary to wear something that makes it easier to walk and stand for a long period. So whether you choose to go on a beach or hiking, slides are never leaving your way. 

              Comfiest summer footwear: Wearing slides in summer is undoubtedly a suitable preference because of their design, which doesn’t require any socks to pair up as they can simply be worn without anything. This can let your feet can remain dry and happy without stinking and sweaty.

                The quality of slides matters the most, keeping that in mind we have introduced a new range of slides that are made with extreme attention and care to let your steps be smoother! 






                March 29, 2022 — Briskuit