Is it better to stay in commando or wear underwear in this heat?

The most asked and concerning health and hygiene topic that every man should know about.

Here is everything to know before deciding to go commando.

Bearing underwear in hot summers gets hard for most men. Have you ever felt more heat down there in summers? Or thought that wearing underwear is just an extra layer and there is no need to wear it especially if you’re too sweaty or feeling hot. The hotter the days the more we try to get away from wearing underwear but is it okay to get commando and ditch the underwear from a health-wise and hygiene perspective? 

The answer to this is NO. It is truly not okay from several scientific types of research. There is a list of reasons that specify why it is important to wear underwear even in this hot weather.

The first reason is more towards vulnerability for leaving your sensitive area touch the rough fabric, especially jeans. Bottoms like jeans make your sensitive area prone to chafing and rubbing which can cause severe irritation and damage and can also lead you to walk with difficulty.

It is not the only case but if you work out without wearing underwear, you may get burnout even if you have worn the appropriate gym wear but missing underwear has a lot of consequences that one may suffer.


The second reason is sweat and its patches.

 It is prevalent for men to sweat down there and, more likely, in the summers when the scorching sun rays are hitting on us directly. It gets embarrassing for a man who travels and works to have sweat patches at the back and front of your bottoms. This is a fact to realize that one can’t get away from the sweat and all the summer heat, but you can indeed protect and prevent yourself from it. 

Wearing underwear with the moisture-wicking property that helps absorb the sweat can be there, saving your embarrassing moments, and you can then walk on your path confidentially without any hesitation. 


The Third reason is the HYGIENE Problem. 

If you choose to stay commando, note that you are all open to all the fungal and bacterial infections due to the humid environment and the constant sweating in the most sensitive area of your body. This can be totally frustrating as you need to keep yourself clean and fresh down there. Hygiene is essential when it comes to areas of the body like this.  

Underwear keeps you dry and soaks all the extra moisture to let your body breathe. Therefore, going commando cannot be an option for men; it’s putting your body at risk. 

Moreover, underwear is likely to get washed more often than your pants/jeans/shorts are, thus reducing it reduces the chance for the bacteria to grow.  


The fourth reason commando is not a good option is that it doesn’t provide extra support while moving. 

Staying commando might give you the comfort you want, but you still need support. When you move, you have to keep everything in one place. Wearing underwear lets, you walk freely and is there to provide the ultimate support. It only depends on how your underwear is constructed. If it’s soft and easy to wear, you wouldn’t feel like wearing underwear is a burden. Having the ideal underwear with the lightest structure and the same feeling of being commando is the kind of underwear every man wants. 


In cases when you’re sleeping, wearing underwear while sleeping is not necessary. You can leave your skin and body, breathe and relax. Letting it stay lose and getting commando while sleeping is scientifically preferable. 

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