We've all heard of and owned a pair of reasonably neutral-basic colored underpants in our closets. However, we can't deny that underwear is one of the items we buy the least while assuring quality, and we also don't think about obtaining something funky or trendy for ourselves, especially when it comes to underwear. 

We place so much emphasis on our outerwear and appearances that we overlook and pay no heed to our undergarments, which are just as important as our outerwear.

Fashion has always been a game-changer. It actually originates from within to outshine the personality. People often let things go because they believe there is no use in purchasing or investing in something if it is not to be seen by the people. This is merely a myth. Because only when you feel good on the inside you can be confident on the outside. Good underwear gives so much boldness. The underwear collection needs to be upgraded according to the ongoing vogue to be fashionable.


Bringing fashion and prints in underwear.

In a world full of colors why is there a need to be left in black and white? Is it not too boring to wear essential clothing with the basic boring colors every day when your personality needs sharp bright colors to keep your youth alive? The colors fill the spark in you, to make you feel lively and full of zest. Keeping fashion and comfort in mind, we have come across new ideas in prints. Kept the colors of a variety of vibrancy and basics in colors. A pop of color is never too bad but except it accentuates the look of your personality.

But it’s true that most men don’t look after the quality and the fabric instead they just impulsively buy a set of underwear that they shouldn’t actually be buying because firstly, because they don’t check the quality and the second thing which is the prints, colors and the patterns as printed underwear are not easily accessible. Let’s check out the dopest underwear that you will simply love to add to your drawer.


Our Briefs

Briefs are the most worn when it comes to underwear for men. We have daintily designed our briefs and works for prints in the name of comfort and fashion. The sizing and the quality of the underwear are absolutely impeccable.

Our brief collection has everything that you can desire, and we are introducing more patterns for your style.


Our Boxer Briefs/ Boxer Trunks

Be Dauntless, Be Brave, Feel the confidence. The Boxer Briefs and trunks are one of our most huge categories that is indulged in the bold hot colors and calls for fashion. Comfort is always the prime key for us as it’s a need for every man. The fabric is exclusively made to provide feather-softness.  



March 15, 2022 — Briskuit