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Mens Casual Shorts Online in Pakistan

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Over the years, the men's casual shorts have become an answer for a relaxed casual look. The style and comfort of the casual shorts mesh in to make it a wardrobe staple. It’s a perfect must-have for summers as it is the right time to wear casual shorts because the temperature is hot this season. You need to be in the right environment as your location plays a vital role in it as well. You can wear them in summers when you're not conducting business or attending a formal event. They are also known as jogger shorts and are perfect for the gym. A lot of men, young and old are crapping the bed in this department these days. They are wearing casual shorts that are way too long and baggy or shorts that are too short and tight.

Figure Out Shorts to Look Good

It is really important that the length of your shorts no matter what body type or height you have, has to be somewhere between the top of the knee to 2" inches above the knee. Any longer and it's going to throw off the proportions of your body and making your upper half looking long and that you have short looking legs. If you go with super short casual shorts then it's kind of sending a message that you are showing off your thighs so we don’t recommend going that short. With whatever you do please note that it does not cuff your shorts to achieve the right length. The cuffing looks like a Euro teenager and not in a good way. Instead, you want to just either choose the right instream or spend a couple of rupees and get your casual shorts hemmed.

As far as the leg opening goes you want to make sure you will be able to pinch about 1”- 2” inches of fabric on either side of your leg. Either going about mid-thigh that the perfect area to pinch that ensures that your shorts are looking right, in the proper length and look proportional to you. You only need to consider flat front shorts.

Nothing with pleats either chooses shorts with pleats because it just looks outdated and also it adds a bunch of fabric in your abdomen area so then it makes sure it looks hippie and bloated which you don’t want of course. So only consider flat front casual shorts. It looks to streamline and sharp. As far as fabric goes cotton is the best. So either a cotton or cotton blend is going to keep you cool and comfortable and they hold up well.

Choosing the Colors

Now in terms of colors for your casual shorts, stick with solid colors in shades of blues, grey's and brown's because solid color shorts are always going to look timeless and sharp. If you want to add some fun patterns in printed shorts that definitely do so but you can only wear them to like kicky events. Don’t wear them day to day basis because you going to look like a little boy. So always stick with solid color socks because they look timeless, they look like a man, and they are sharp.

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