It’s an insulated jacket that works well in cold weather and is a great wind and cold protector. A puffer jacket is often known as a padded jacket. Puffer jackets have become increasingly trendy over the past several winter seasons, appearing in main-street fashion. 

Puffer jackets are also called quilted jackets and have a distinctive quilted pattern. It depends on how well they are constructed or manufactured and the caliber of the synthetic fibers used. They can be filled with down insulation or synthetic fibers, both of which can offer a high level of warmth. Another quality is that although they are quite warm, they are frequently very light. Puffer jackets offer a rare mix of warmth and lightweight compared to wool or leather. 

The History Of Puffer Jackets

Puffer jackets were created back in the 1930s when puffer jackets were known as down jackets. They were created when people were experiencing extreme cold and needed a dependable way to stay warm. So puffer jackets were introduced by Eddie Bauer. 

Since then, puffer jackets have gained immense popularity among people. For Bauer's design approach, a number of crucial factors were important. The other was moisture, and the first was weight. He needed to design a garment that was warm without being cumbersome and that wouldn't retain water, which might freeze and make the wearer feel heavier. It seemed like a difficult task, but as he found, all that was needed was the appropriate substance.

The Insulation Of Puffer Jackets 

The jackets' insulation is either down or synthetic down. Both are rather light, but not all insulation techniques will offer the same degree of warmth. A down-filled jacket will often be warmer, although synthetic down can be fairly equivalent if the manufacturer has a strong understanding of how insulation functions.

Since we have been outfitting workers for a lot of years, we are aware that the air in your insulation layers is what actually contributes to creating barriers against the cold. We provide premium quilted jackets that retain the loft of the synthetic fibers longer thanks to our unique synthetic insulation, keeping you warm even after many washes.

Do puffer jackets really keep you warm?

A puffer jacket, also known as a down jacket, is one of your best options if you've ever been stranded in a snowstorm or in temperatures below zero. They are available in a variety of forms and may be compressed to release a lot of air, making them simple to pack and transport. Many top-of-the-line puffer coats are now expertly engineered thanks to advancements in science and fashion.

This particular type of jacket is special because it sandwiches insulating "fluff" between two layers of fabric rather than using just one layer of fabric to keep you warm (often a waterproof material to keep snow and rain at bay). By trapping air in between these layers, you can stay warm and keep the chill at bay without becoming overly bulky.

What also sets puffer jackets apart from other styles is the fact that they are stuffed with fluffy feathers or an alternative non-animal material like polyester or other recycled fibers. 

Styling A Puffer Jacket

These days, puffer jackets are made to be more lightweight. Therefore, it's a great place to travel as well. As a result of the closer fit, you can actually see your silhouette. This outfit's use of a reversible puffer jacket is another element we adore; by rolling up the sleeve cuffs, you can add a splash of contrasting color. For those of us who are more practical and have limited luggage capacity, a reversible puffer jacket essentially functions as two outerwear items in one.

November 11, 2022 — Briskuit