Are you putting off doing your laundry? It could be time to change your mind. According to recent studies, wearing underwear for longer than a day causes a buildup of bacteria that could be harmful to your health. With 45% of people admitting they don't change their underwear every day, Underwear Expert polled more than 3,000 people with 18 questions to gain a more comprehensive picture of underwear hygiene practices nationwide. 

Men are busier than ever, sometimes attending work, the gym, and social events all in one day. When you move this much, it's common to have major discomfort in areas that are simple to overlook, like the underwear area. This uncomfortably occurs during routine and demanding daily tasks, since it is most certain to occur during routine and demanding daily tasks since the majority of survey respondents admitted to buying and retaining ill-fitting shoes from other outlets. An inaccurate fit is something that can easily be fixed by finding the right style for you. With proper daily hygiene, a great-fitting pair of underwear can make all the difference in your day-to-day movements, leading to a more comfortable day. 

It could be tempting to hang onto a pair for as long as you can after you find the one that fits you perfectly. 37% of respondents to the poll acknowledged having underwear that is older than three years. What's the big deal if I wash them after each wear? Well, quite a bit, in fact. Even a fresh pair of underwear contains more than 10,000 live microorganisms. Imagine how much bacteria will continue to accumulate on a single pair of underwear after 6 months or even a year of wear. Each time you put on a favorite pair of underwear, your health is at risk due to the germs that have accumulated on them over time.

 The amount of physical activity a man engages in each day will surely result in body-wide perspiration. On especially hot days, it's frequently limited to manageable places like the armpit or forehead. Sometimes it will affect the underwear area, which is common as over 50% of study participants reported experiencing perspiration "down there" during the day. In all regions, sweating is normal, and the majority of us experience moisture buildup during the day. If it becomes bothersome, Underwear Expert advice choosing a pair with mesh fabric or paneling that provides optimal breathability and aeration.

You should always go for underwear that feels super light and is airy, as your sensitive areas need to breathe to be able to keep you fresh and prevent you from getting that bad odor. This will eventually boost your confidence in every step you take without keeping you worried about your underwear problems, as well as change your underwear before letting the bacteria grow and have a chance to live. 

November 01, 2022 — nabiha imran