Polo T-shirt is a timeless and everlasting fashion clothing statement. From the very beginning when polo T-Shirts were worn in the name of fashion and till now, they have the same meaning in the world of fashion for men.

The way they are all designed differently and look chic, and the best part is that they are an all-rounder and so versatile that they can be worn with so many different bottoms, and with every bottom, they serve a very distinctive and unique look while making all the outfits out class. With a short-sleeve polo shirt, you may flaunt your muscles while looking good. The polo is a more refined version of the classic T-shirt that may be dressed in varies based on the occasion. Look for darker tones like navy, grey, and charcoal instantly to create a refined look but don't be hesitant to add a splash color to make yourself stand out.


The History of Polo Shirts:

Isn't it ironic that Polo shirts were first introduced for Tennis and not Polo? 

The origin of the polo shirt, now a mainstay in current preppy design, is primarily founded on the desire for practicality in high-class activities like Tennis, golf, and not Polo. 

Tennis Polo shirts were the first ones that typically had long sleeves and collars. Then it was later made into long sleeves, a collar, and a button-down neckline that the polo players wore. The name polo shirt, which formerly referred to the long-sleeved, buttoned-down polo shirts, quickly became a generic phrase for the tennis shirt.


How to style a Polo shirt with different bottoms?

This can be quite interesting to think that styling a Polo tee with different bottoms can be a thing. We often look up other shirts for various events for formal events, we look for a dapper look, and for casual ones, and we tend to find anything which goes along but is in fashion.

Let’s see how many styles we can choose with the Polo T-shirts and different bottoms.


For a Casual Look:

Denim Shorts or Cargo Shorts with Polo T-shirt.

When the weather gets too hot, add a polo T-shirts and shorts to your outfit.  It's an easy ensemble with jeans or denim and chino shorts  that will make you seem very stylish. Choose monotone hues for a simplified and classic look, or experiment with a different mix. Keep the polo untucked for casual days and make sure it fits properly.


Jogger Pants with Polo T-shirts

Polo and jogger pants will keep you calm and relaxed. With comfy bottoms, the stylish top half becomes instantly casual. Complete your outfit with a pair of fashionable accessories. Assure your clothing are suited and clean to prevent seeming sloppy. 


For a Formal Look:

Cargo Pants with Polo T-shirts  

Cargo Pants are a smart way to polish off an outfit with a polo shirt, as they fall somewhere between semi-formal and smart casual. Tuck your top half into your pants and finish by making it wear some elegant shoes to keep your look professional and sleek. Choose dark colors of polo T-shirts for a more formal look.


Chino with Polo T-shirts

One of the most flexible outfits a man might own is this mix. Polo T-shirts and chino go with practically any casual or semi-casual outfit.

Pro Tip:  select neutral-colored chinos and polo shirts.

So no matter if you have a stack of Polo T-shirts or one you can simply style it with different bottoms and turn the style.

May 09, 2022 — Briskuit