It hasn’t ever been so fashionable to relax. Or at least make our lives appear that way on a social media platform like Instagram through captioning it as #weekendgoals, should that be your go-to flex. This entire philosophy of being still, calm, and in the moment ‘slow living’ – mindfulness, appears like men are chilling more. Since fashion is now a mouthpiece for all current trends, luxury brands are now turning their necks to louche the loungewear too. They are crafting their design aesthetic to design garments to just lay around the house. You can also buy mens loungewear online at Mendeez


Defining Cool Men’s Loungewear

Do you want to get yourself all set for the big night? Look all fashionable yet comfortable and snuggle in your bed, well this cool men’s loungewear made exotic cashmere, soft cotton that has been impeccably cut and crafted into some loungewear and is refined in such a way that men are wearing their sweats both inside and outside of the home with the accurate styling, of course.


Wool, Silk, Cashmere & Cotton Sweatpants

The most potentially tragic loungewear piece for men other than the realms of the onesie, sweaters and sweat pants are; the desire for comfort often proving inimical to style. Loopback cotton jersey is supremely comfortable, from every inch, top to bottom. It is breathable and offers an affordable fabric for menswear sweats that is unless you prefer pure polyester, which is not recommendable.


Men’s Track Pants

To obtain an adjustable fit, search for track pants that have a drawstring and pockets attached to it, opting for zips in order to avoid necessary keepsakes from falling out and landing into the cracks of your beloved couch.


Cool Men’s Sweaters

Just like sweatpants sweaters too should not be restrictive, though they should be designed slim. With tapered cuffs and ribbed necklines, they should boast functional point of interest.


Boxers, Briefs, and Thermal underwear

So, Men if you feel like just lounging on your couch on a fine Sunday noon, all you got to have is a pair of boxers or brief, nice abs and a hot cup of coffee and you are good to spend your Sunday fashionably lazing around on your couch. There are various men undergarment brands in Pakistan that can help you look for comfortable briefs. When you decide to buy underwear as loungewear, ponder over considering the following factors: search for a pair that breathes well and is supportive enough but not too tight that makes it uncomfortable, your comfort comes first.


Classic Dressing Gown

Dressing gowns are perfect to put on post-shower. And of course, if you men plan on staying at home it is also a perfect option for loungewear. Most dressing robes offer a belt for secure fastening giving you back shape, and pockets as well as a conclusive shawl collar; oftentimes crafted in a contrast colour or soft fabric for extra style and texture.

July 30, 2019 — Aimhike Agency