Many people adore summer and the exotic trends that it brings with it. For most, it can be undeniably their absolute favourite season of the entire year. Life just seems to be so relaxing and somewhat more appealing during summer. People like to enjoy the delicious barbeques and the smell of the smoke wafting all around in the neighborhood. Getting to wear their favourite summer outfits because getting dressed for the sun is actually pretty fun and easier than deciding on an outfit during rain. The summer flowers in bloom that make everything around them so pretty and colourful are a sight for sore eyes. And the best thing about summer? Not having to don a gazillion layers of clothes before heading out.

With every passing summer, clothing trend changes rapidly. For men, it has always been more or less the same since they can literally just wear a pair of shorts and a tank top and they’re ready to take flights across the world. But lately men’s clothing has evolved too, let’s look at what men should stock up on besides just buying men undergarments online.


The Air-Crew

First things first, your basic t-shirts that may bridge the gap between your everyday wear and casual wear attire. The air-crew t-shirt is no brainer for beachwear because of its light material and airy feel. It can be paired with a pair of your favourite denim too for everyday wear.


The Khakinator Shorts

For men, shorts are all they need to live in during the hot summer season. They don’t have to suck. Get a few pairs with an easygoing waistband and you will be comfortable for the most part once you have learned in.


Weekend Stretch Shorts

When it comes to comfortable pair of shorts, these weekend stretch shorts offer a great deal to play with colour. It comes in light shades of lilac and lavender and you will see them almost everywhere this summer. And shorts are a fun way to go about it.


Puerto Shirt

Puerto Shirts never go out of style. Men, if you are looking for something trendy yet sleek get your hands on these laid back shirts right away.


Tapered Pleated Trousers

In fashion, there is no such thing as old. Because what’s old always comes back as new and what’s ugly is also considered cool. Fashion can be eccentric sometimes, and especially for men. If you are looking for something comfortable then hop on board with this tapered pleated trouser.

Logo Shorts

If you’re not a huge trend person, for you new colors will be the easiest to adapt to. You are always in search of something very comfortable even if it’s just mens underwear online in Pakistan you’re looking to buy. Mendeez has got you covered with their vast variety of shorts, loungewear and men’s undergarments.

Knitted Cotton-Piqué Polo Shirt

A cotton pique polo shirt with a cool minty color makes all the difference in this hot summer.

July 26, 2019 — Aimhike Agency