We all know what the most common yet uh-awkward question is; what’s the best underwear for men? Choosing from a variety of styles of underwear men should be aware of their body type and the perfect fit for them. Not really spoken about much by everyone, but a wrong pair of underwear can ruin your whole day. A piece of poor quality fabric and its inability to support will distract your business and not let you focus on your work. Surprisingly enough men don’t really pay much importance to their underwear selection. However, come to think of it, choosing the best underwear for men doesn’t have to be that difficult. Though there are different types of men undergarments online and men’s underwear styles available in the market, visit Mendeez website for more variety. But choosing the accurate size and fit for you can really make a difference in your day to day activities.

Mentioned below are a few of the male underwear styles and how you should be choosing the one that is best suited for you?


Boxers- Underwear for more Breathability

As compared to the other underwear, boxers are more towards the loose-fitting side. Men can go for a more calm and easy fit for maximized leg support. Boxers can be worn well with slimmer fitting bottoms, tailored dress pants, and shorts. As compared to the other four types of men’s underwear, it provides no support at all but allows breathability.

Mostly the boxer shorts offer an exit route to men referred to as fly. There is a distinctive variety of boxers available in the market and online. Which means there is a boxer out there made right for almost everyone! Additionally, boxers feel great to wear every day, notably during sports events.


Boxer Briefs – A Combination of Boxers and Briefs

A different type of underwear that a man just cannot compromise with is the Boxer briefs. Since they provide the right amount of support they represent the two major underwear types. To resemble a tapered boxer with a snug is what their design suggests.

They are comfortable to wear throughout the day just like briefs! Even if you men are not in the best of shape, boxers’ underwear could be worn while partaking in physical activities. Featuring an average rise on the waist, boxers reach halfway down your thighs.



Trunks are the most popular type of underwear amongst men. There could be a possibility of trunks being loved by male audiences because they resemble both boxer brief and a brief. The overall shape of a trunk is square. Trunks are your go-to brief style if you are a brief fanatic! They are a fine accompaniment while you decide to go for a swim.



Possibly the best underwear for me-briefs! All men usually have a pair of briefs in their underwear wardrobe. If you are looking for cotton underwear men online, then briefs are what you need. They are the most common style of underwear.

July 26, 2019 — Abdul Hafeez